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The Glass-Wing Butterflies, courtesy of Chelle


Baby Porcupines, courtesy of my friend Isabella


Family of Quail, courtesy of my neighbor Dallas


Some amazing photos, courtesy of my good friend Forrest


These cute guys were just a few feet away from my office window, under a pinon tree.


A Tornado fighter bomber pulls up, while moving at high speed, causing a stall (a transient high-speed stall). The drop in air pressure around the wings causes the moisture in the air to condense and, in effect, form instant clouds.

Jet fighters breaking the sound barrier, particularly when over water, often cause the same effect.

In the case of the Tornado, the condition is enhanced by the swing wings automatically moving to adjust for the stall condition.

Breaking the Sound Barrier

Through the viewfinder of his camera, Ensign John Gay could see the fighter plane drop from the sky heading toward the port side of the aircraft carrier Constellation. At 1,000 feet, the pilot drops the F/A-18C Hornet to increase his speed to 750 mph, vapor flickering off the curved surfaces of the plane. In the precise moment a cloud forms around the Hornet 200 yards from the carrier, its engines rippling the Pacific Ocean just 75 feet below, Gay hears an explosion and snaps his camera shutter once. "I clicked the same time I heard the boom, and I knew I had it", Gay said. What he had was a technically meticulous depiction of the sound barrier being broken July 7, 1999, somewhere on the Pacific between Hawaii and Japan.  The photo recently took first prize in the science and technology division in the World Press Photo 2000 contest, which drew more than 42,000 entries worldwide.


Can You Handle The Truth?

Billy Meier's UFO photos remain unparalleled for their clarity and sheer number. Several variations of the Pleiadian/Plejaran "beamships" were photographed at various remote locations in the Swiss countryside, mostly between 1975 and 1982. For the bulk of his photos, Billy used a camera that was easy for him to operate (having only one arm due to an auto accident) -- an Olympus 35 ECR still camera. He also filmed several sequences using an 8mm movie camera (see FIGU's web site for samples of the 8mm footage.) Billy also used another camera (with variable focus) to take the photos of the "wedding cake" ships (see below) as well as with a video camera.



Dust Storm in Australia

Interesting Cloud Formations


Giant Crystal Cave in Mexico

Pictures of Giant Crystal Cave, Naica, Mexico: Mine


Kirby's Find

This object (images below) was found approx 15 yrs ago in the Tiffin River bed in NW Ohio, Defiance County. It is made of some sort of unidentified synthetic material and weighs about 15-20 lbs. It has, what appears to be melt marks on one side,and score marks on the other. It does float however. The tentacle looking tubes are non movable and are solid. Some appear to have been broken off. Could this be space debris? Anyone have have an idea of what this could be?




Want to save any of these photos on your computer?  Right-click on the image, and choose the "Save As" option.  Most of the images are actually larger than they appear, so saving the image and looking at it again may bring out more detail.


The world is an illusion, but what a splendid illusion it is.